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names on divorce/birth and other papers

Hi, I wonder if anyone has come across my problem or has knowledge of it and how to solve it. My Tunisian fiance has gathered all information necessary for marriage there, and according to the Municipality, all my documents need to have the same name throughout. This is a problem as my birth certificate has my maiden name and my divorce paper has my married name, anyone know the answer to this problem? all answers gratefully received!


  • That is not a long as you supply your original birth certificate, your original first marriage certificate and original divorce papers. these should all be translated and certified. The municipality are confused as here we keep the family name - in other words the woman keeps the surname of her father and does not take the surname of the husband. If your fiance explains that it should be fine
  • Thank you so much Lesley, that clarifies the situation for me.I know they record all official life events on the birth certificate and also the custom of not taking the husbands name. Both my fiance and I were worried about this. Unusual circumstances, so wasn't sure if anyone had an answer for me, thank you so much for your help, much appreciated!!
  • My pleasure!
  • Hi Lesley, sorry to bother you again. Just need a little further advice please. My fiance has suggested that I change my passport back to my maiden name, is this absolutely necessary? I haven't used my maiden name for more than 20 years and seems such a lot of hassle, however I am willing to do it if deemed necessary.Hope you can help me again, many thanks.
  • Sareer - no you do not have to change your name back!! As long as you have all the necessary divorce documents there should be no problem. Make sure you get your certificate of no impediment - a doc issued by your home country that states you are single and can legally enter into marriage.
  • Lesley, thank you so much again for taking the time to respond to me, you are saving me alot of time with paperwork and hassle. I also received a reply from the British embassy this morning who tell me the same thing as you, as long as my original marriage certificate has both my maiden and married name, there should be no problem.
    So many thanks once again, I am sure there are many people who are very grateful for your help when there seems nowhere to turn to, you're great !!! Thank youuuu :)
  • Happy to help and great to know that all will be good.......inchallah mabrouk!
  • Lesley, it's me again! sorry to bother you again.I am obtaining my Certificate of No Impediment here in England and will be taking it with me to the Embassy in Tunis.I want to make an appointment and the Embassy have advised me I need to be resident in Tunisia for some time before this. Am I correct in thinking it's 3 days or is it longer? would be very grateful for your advice and help once again, many thanks :)
  • Sareer - I'm not sure I understand completely the question. Which embassy are you making an appointment with? Are you going to the UK embassy in Tunis or the Tunisian embassy? If you get your CONI in the UK then you only need to have it translated and you can do this through any translater in Tunisia. It is much cheaper to do that in Tunisia when you arrive.
  • Sareer, Lesley is correct ,you do not need to go to the British Embassy in Tunis if you have a CONI issued in the UK.
    You only go to the British Embassy if you reside in Tunisia ( a lot more than 3 days) and the British Embassy are issueing the CONI.
  • Lesley, Alethia, thank you both for taking the time to answer me, very much appreciated. So I can understand from what you both say, is that I don't need to go to the British Embassy, just an official translator, and yes I am getting my CONI here. Also, I intend to arrive 5 days before my wedding (in August), is this ok or is there a specified requirement? Thank you both once again for all your help and advice :)
  • Hi, sorry to butt in,but you can't take your original birth have to get a fresh copy that is no older than 21 days when you marry.this in itself is stressful trying to get the timings right.I got married in October 2014.. You need to find a translator when you get there,to get your paper work translated .and you also need an appointment at the British them and they will help you.
    Good luck.
  • Libby - why does she need an appointment at the embassy?? The birth certificate can be obtained easily within 21 days of date of marriage but if it is a few days either side that is not a problem. There are many translators in all our cities, but her fiance should be able to help her with that.

    Sareer, it's not a problem that you arrive 5 days before you marry. Are you marrying at the municipality or with a notaire in the house?
  • Thanks for replying, I am aware of the birth certificate situation Libby, I had 1 copy done within 8 days as a test run:). Thanks Lesley, I am marrying at the municipality and am happy to hear 5 days is fine, thanks. Libby, why do I need to go the British Embassy if I use another translator?
    Many thanks to both of you for replying to me, all advice very welcome :)
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