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How safe to drive between Sun City and Madikwe Game Reserve?

We are planning a trip to South Africa in October, and I am concerned about driving there as I have no experience driving on the left-hand side. I am also concerned about our safety driving from Sun City to Madikwe Game Reserve. Does anyone have any experience driving in the NorthWest Province of South Africa, as well as the Cape Town area that you would like to share.


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    Shirley - you are going to have a great time! My advice on driving is to be defensive and cautious on the road, keep your speed down, and don't always assume other drivers will obey stop signs. Give way to minibus taxis, and except them to make up the road rules as they like!
    It is worth renting or buying a GPS with the South aFrica map to help you get around.
    Another small tip: drive with your lights on even in the day time as this increases your visibility.
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    Hi Shirley - I live in Jo'burg and know the area well. At Sun City/ Pilanesburg they will give you directions to the N4. This is a highway and therefore somewhat easier to negotiate by virtue of being able to maintain a consistent speed. You'll head towards Zeerust where, I believe, you'll turn towards Madikwe off the N4. There may be better routes, and they'll make you aware of these at Sun City/ Pilanesburg.
    My opinion is thus :- leave after early morning rush hour and make sure you're at Madikwe before dark( you should be) and you'll be ok
    Enjoy the animals et al
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