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European Trip Basic Guidance

Hi guys i am Travelling Europe from India as a tourist in May.....I m a 14 year old teen....i am curious to know about the climate over there and essentials o carry in my backpack. I would also like to know some vegetarian food items tht i can carry. I m travelling to UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Rome, Vatican, Austria, Germany, Switzerland......Some travel tips will be greatly appreciated....


  • Wow @AmishAgarwal that's quite a trip you're taking! May is late spring in Europe, so generally a pretty time to visit, with good weather. You should also just be avoiding the tourist rush of summer, but many of those places will still be crowded in May. I hope the Netherlands is one of your first destinations because you might be lucky enough to still see some of the incredible blooms in early May. Here are links to a bunch of travel guides, all of which include climate details and will give you some inspiration about what to see and do in the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Rome, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Have an amazing trip!
  • Thx ill be visiting a place called Keukonoff in netherlands in mid may.......
  • Keukenhof is incredible! I absolutely loved it. I was there in April.
  • Keukenhoff is the home of the tulip and other beautiful flowers
  • AmishAgarwal, who are you travelling with? You can't travel internationally as an independent minor... there are all sorts of legal issues from boarding an aircraft to booking a hotel room...

  • Good point Terry, I assumed he was on a school trip.
  • Ahhh... school trip, that makes perfect sense.

  • Its neither a school trip nor i m travelling alone.......I am travelling with my grand parents through thomas cook group tour.......i have got uk as well as some shengzen visa, it states on d visa tht it is valid only if i am accompanied by my grand parents
  • How lucky you are to have such super grand parents and we know you are safe.
  • yah! right
  • And do u have an idea about cheap communication facilities from Europe to tht i can be in touch with my parents...
  • There's WiFi everywhere. Research Skype.

  • There is also WhatsApp free calls and free text worldwide.
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