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New Guy Traveling to Dhaka (Bangladesh)

I am a chicken who is venturing out of its nest for the first time in life. In other words, I am leaving my country India behind and crossing the border for the first time. It all started when I met someone on Facebook and he said a lot about Dhaka and how beautiful it is. I am on a break from my work and so I want to visit there now. I have been planning it for a long time but money's always been tight. I am kinda excited now (I mean, next month).

The thing is I plan to stay there for a month (a day or two less maybe) and my budget around 2000 INR or 2400 BDT. Room quality or room service doesn't matter, I don't even need a hotel; I can stay at a dorm or a mess as I am a single, no-frills guy, or even as a paying guest. I can also stay in hostels. Just a single bed and shared bathroom would do. The thing is that since I want to see Dhaka I need to stay somewhere in Dhaka only; if I stay somewhere else like Khulna or Barisal the journey from there to Dhaka would leave me too tired for anything else. I asked my friend for accommodation at his home but he said his family is very conservative about such things. Please let me know names of areas in Dhaka where I can find cheap accommodations like this, as I would need to specify it as an entry point in my Visa application. Thanks


  • Why isn't your friend making these arrangements? He lives there so as a local he knows the city intimately, surely there is no one in a better position to research accommodation options than he is.

    It would be VERY rare to find anyone on an Internet travel discussion forum who has first hand direct experience with the type of accommodation you are looking for. It's not like those places have any Internet presence either.

    Honestly, your pal has to take responsibility here.

  • Sorry, I misread your post... your budget for accommodation is 2,000 INR per night? In that case no problems, that's easy to find in Dhaka.

    What's important now is location so you're close to your pal.
  • Okay... thanks for the info that it's your budget for a month, not for a night. In that case my first reply stands. You need a local to arrange this.

    Good luck.

  • The thing is I plan to stay there for a month (a day or two less maybe) and my budget around 2000 INR or 2400 BDT.
    Arundouyr, if that is your budget for a whole month then you are going to live in the street and starve, even if you stayed with your friend you could not survive on 2000INR (£20 sterling) You need to save a lot more money.
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