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Visit Visa to Canada Refused

edited April 2015 in - Canada
I Applyed visit visa to canada from kuawit but they refused due these some reason

apply date 25th March 2015

travel history
family tie in canada & residency of your contry
purpose of visit

my family is in pakistan
i don't have any family member in canada only friends

i want to visit in my leave holidays

can any body help me

Thanks & Regards


  • @nasir.mahmood what was the reason supplied by the embassy for your visa refusal? They can be very vague but they usually do tell you something? The most important thing to prove when you are travelling is that you have reasons to return home. You need to supply things like an official letter from your employer stating your job, employment period, salary and the period of leave you have been granted. If you have property or a lease agreement in your home country then supply details of that. That sort of thing. What documents did you supply?
  • Ella
    Thanks for the reply

    I provide my employment details
    Letter from employer
    Leave period
    Very good financial details (Bank Statement)
    Salary details
    My education details

  • Did you provide proof of flight reservations, a full travel itinerary and either accommodation bookings or a letter from your friends that will be hosting you?
  • Nasir you have failed to demonstrate any strong ties to Pakistan and if I was a Canadian immigration officer I would think you wanted to stay in Canada and would also refuse your application.
  • Dear Alethia

    1stwhat you sugest me to provide what kind of papers
  • 2nd i have friends there should he sent me invitation letter through email or by post ?

    Please advise me

  • Nasir,

    Alethia & Ella have already answered your question. You need to convince Canadian Immigration that you have strong ties to Pakistan so you will return home and not try to stay in Canada. You need to convince them that this really is a holiday.

    Do you own a business or a house or property? Do you have family? Do you have ties to your community, etc. What can you show the Canadian officials that will convince them that you will return home? Do you have paperwork proving a return ticket home?

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