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Bahrain Weather


I am travelling to Bahrain on business and would like to know what the weather is like when I arrive in June. I'm guessing it is going to be boiling hot, as I can see by the online weather websites, but does it get cold ever, i.e. at night? I am planning on packing light as I am only going for a few days, but we are going to be outside a lot and am wondering if I need warm clothes like a jacket or anything for the evenings.

On another note, I might have a bit of free time in Manama between meetings, so would like to look around a bit. What are the main attractions in Manama or close to the city which I can do in a day? What are the best/ most fun things to do in Manama in a day?

And lastly, can I use American dollars in Bahrain? Or where is the best place change currency in Bahrain? Can I get Dinar at the Bahrain/ Manama airport?




  • Hi Pat.

    It is definitely going to be hot when you arrive in June. Summer in Bahrain (June, July) can reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, so no winter jacket will be needed. This said, many buildings have air conditioning blasting and because of the desert climate, nights can become cool. Maybe put in the odd thin jersey/ jumper. Check out this link for more on the climate in Manama.
    There is lots to do in Manama for a day, but a favourite attraction would probably be to visit the Manama Souk. Follow this link for more Manama attractions.
    And lastly, American dollars aren't really widely accepted as currency in Bahrain, but can be exchanged for local currency. It is best to get Bahraini Dinar at a bureau de change, which can be found at the Manama Airport or around town. Major credit cards are also widely accepted.

    Hope this helps.


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