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I'm planning a trip to the Maldives with my wife at the end of the year. I am wondering however, are the prices for resorts in the Maldives inflated over the festive season? Aka is it more expensive in the Maldives over Christmas and New Years? And to what extent? I know it is not cheap either way, but should I rather wait until after the New Year to get a better deal? What you guys think?

Also, any recommendations/ reviews for affordable/ budget/ cheap resorts in the Maldives (all relative of course), would be greatly appreciated.

And lastly, is it possible to go from island to island/ island hopping type of thing in the Maldives, because I want to see the place a bit while I'm there. Any recommendations on islands/ resorts to visit while in the Maldives would be awesome.

Thanks guys,



  • Hi Greg,

    Unfortunately resorts in the Maldives always push up prices over the festive season. If you choose to visit the Maldives over the holiday season, between Christmas and New Years, you can expect to pay top dollar, but that said, it is a great time to visit, so you will not be disappointed.
    If you can manage to get away around April, this is also a great time to visit the Maldives, with dry hot weather and beautifully clear water at this time of the year.
    Island hopping is definitely possible, and definitely advisable. Here are some suggestions for activities around the Maldives and here is a list of resort islands in the Maldives, some expensive, some more affordable and family friendly.

    Hope this helps,

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