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Need Paris Vacation Tips

edited May 2015 in - General Europe

We are a group of retired and old age people,planning to spend some time to visit some places like museums and gardens.We can't walk too much so which mode of transportation system will work for us.Safety and affordability are the first concern for us.

I would appreciate your advice.


  • Hi there,
    Here is a free Paris Travel Guide which may be of some help to you in choosing what attractions tickle your fancy. It also provides info on things like transport and climate. When I was in Paris a few years back I found the metro/subway the best means of transport. It is generally easy to walk between many of the main attractions while using the subway for longer distances, but as this may not be possible or enjoyable for you taxis are probably your best option when the subway doesn't suffice. You should also look into doing one of the tourist bus routes as this will get you from place to place and allow you to see the city go by - which obviously the metro will not. I would not recommend hiring a car if you are only exploring Paris as parking is hard to find and getting around is stressful if you don't know the city.
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