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Okay to Travel with Damaged Passport?

edited May 2015 in - Barbados

I am due to leave to Barbados next week and my UK passport been though the wash, the pages are in stack but a bit winkly and the photo id is ok. I was wondering will i be let into Barbados ok with it? Will I have any problems with it?


  • Hi andytiger,
    Please note that I deleted your other post as repetition of this one.
    It is hard for us to say for sure if you will be okay to travel as it really depends on the border control agents who deal with you on your journey (this sort of thing is decided at their individual discretion), but so long as everything is readable and the photo is clearly identifiable as you it shouldn't be a problem. Passports do get damaged. It is really the extent of the damage that matters and it doesn't sound like yours is too bad...
  • Agree with Ella that if it looks like normal wear you'll be fine, but if it's actually physically damaged (like the photo has lifted, etc.) then you better be getting a new one asap.

    Have a great trip.

  • I cant get a new one due to the fact i going away a week today and wont get a new one until a week Wednesday and the photo page looks ok
  • In cases of emergency you can get an expedited Passport issued almost immediately as soon as you have an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre.

    That said, if you feel the integrity of the Passport is fine then you're obviously good to go and your OP was unnecessary.

    Have fun.

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