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British / South African citzen expired passport

edited May 2015 in - South Africa
Hello I was born in the UK and gained my S.A. citzenship through naturalization. My South African Passport had expired and I applied for a renewal through the S.A embassy in Dublin about 4 months ago. I am heading off to Cape Town on 30 May and I still have not yet recieved my SA passport. Can I enter South Africa on my British passport and show the emigration officer my receipt from the SA embassy in Dublin or do I just say nothing and proceed as a tourist because on my British Passport my Birthplace is Northern Ireland. I am only going for two weeks and I fear that I will be denied entry or exit to and from South Africa. Please Help with advice. Thank you.


  • Hey sahara101,
    Despite how common dual citizenship is for South Africans, the country can get pretty weird about it. My advice is to just travel as a tourist on your British passport. Why complicate matters? You should have no problem at all visiting for two weeks on your British passport.
  • Thank you Ella. Will take your advice and not complicate matters. Just go in as a tourist and say nothing.
  • I'm sure that'll work out just fine. Enjoy your trip!
  • @sahara101 can I ask how you got on with this?
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