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I am an American and I want very much to travel to Cuba.

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Want very badly to travel to Cuba as soon as possible. What are rules regarding Americans going ? I have herad it id best to fly into Mexico ( where ?) and from there go to Cuba. Heard it was best not to get pastport possible? Advice for food, things to see , what to expect. It is possible , adviseable to stay with a family there.What to spend quite a while there traveling, experiencing the culture, people and foods. Any advise as far as safety, dos and don'ts ? Best tile to go? I am a middle age woman, fair, blond and want to know if it is safe to travel alone ? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I travel to Cuba all the time from Tijuana to Havana, one stop in Monterrey, Mexico if there are passengers. I go on a charter that leaves every Saturday night at 7:30pm (PST) and arrives in Havana at 3:00 am (Cuba time) This is a charter and its awesome, much cheaper than other airlines. Additionally you can take 100 lbs of luggage and 22 lbs in carry on. Most commercial airlines only allow 44 lbs. Your Visa does not get stamped. Fees in Mexico are $25.00 on entry, Cuba (in Cuban Dollars) is $25.00 on departure. The cost of my tourist visa is in the price of my ticket. There is two prices for this Airline, one off season and one peak season so you don't have to go to search engines. I hope this helps you....
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    A couple of questions bak to you Destiny and thanks for your help with my question.
    Can you give the name of the charter, when you arrive in Cuba at 3:00am do you have a hotel already booked ,The tourist visa is same as ticket (not sure how to take this, other thing I have read shows flight about $200 or more but visa only less than $50) and when is peak or low season ???
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