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take my Tunisian man and go to Croatia

edited May 2015 in - Tunisia
i am girl have dual citizens 1.Serbian ( passport - identity card ) 2.Croatia ( passport ) and he live now with me in Serbia so we want to move up to Croatia.
what we need ?
what is the best make marriage here in Serbia or Croatia ?
and if we go to Croatia what we need there to he have residence card ?
hope that you answer me fast i need that


  • As you are both living in Serbia you should marry there before moving to Croatia as you will require a marriage visa to live together in Croatia.
    I am surprised your Tunisian boyfriend was allowed to stay in Serbia without being married to you.

    You need to contact the Embassy of Croatia in Belgrade and ask them what documents you will require for you and your husband to reside in Croatia

    Croatian Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

    Kneza Miloša 62
    11000 Beograd
    TELEPHONE(+381) 11 36 79 150
    (+381) 11 36 79 151
    FAX(+381) 11 36 10 032
    (+381) 11 36 21 026
    EMAIL [email protected]
    OFFICE HOURS 09.00-17.00

    Croatia is a member of the European Union and therefore offers far mor opportunities for you and your husband.
  • Thank you so much alethia ....... Tunisian citizenship have the right to stay in serbia 3 month without nothing and when 3 month finish we applied for private visa and they give him another 3 month ... He can apply for private visa 2 time so he can stay 9 month without get married ... There is 2 or 3 types of visas he can do that and stay here without mariage .
    Sorry i want to ask you another question : if we go to croatia ana he get there some residents card or some visa for 2 or 3 years, we can go from there to EU in any time without any thing ?
  • When you marry and live in Croatia your husband should be granted a residence permit. By the end of this year 2015, Croatia will join the Schengen Zone. This will then enable you and your husband to travel throughout Europe without applying for a visa.

    Please note that Ireland and the UK are not included in the Schengen zone so your husband would require an EU Family visa to travel there.
  • Thanks so much alethia i am glad that tou are here , one more question and i am sorry but you know more , we dont have nothing in croatia ... Only my grandmother house and family's , i mean exactly no work .., and i hear that i must granted him annd that happen with paper from work salary ... Is that a problem to he have his residence card ? Thanks again alethia and please if you have any another advice told me that thanks thanks thanks sisster
  • Then you need marry in Serbia your husband can work in Serbia or return to Tunisa and you go to work in Croatia until you have payslips to make the application for your husband to live with you in Croatia.
  • So we cannot move up to croatia ? There is not any another solution? If you have any idea please we need to go ?
  • I nor any one else here are the Croatian government ask them directly. I gave you the contact details.
  • You mean the ambasade of croatia in serbia ? Oki i will call them !?
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