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Need invation letter for ROmania

MY name is aamir shahzad and i belong to pakistan... I have every decouments But i need a invation letter from romania I cant find it any were On the internet ...Any one help me pls ...Romnia embester Told me Embesy cant Aprrove Any case With out Invation later .. i need invation later .


  • You only need an invitation letter if you are invited by a person for example a friend or family member or a by an institution or company,

    Can I get an invitation from the National Visa Centre (CNV)?
    The National Visa Centre does NOT issue and does NOT formulate documents whereby third-country nationals are invited to Romania. The invitations you need in order to get Romanian visas can be obtained ONLY with the help of the persons / institutions that invite you to Romania.
  • :( Alethia Can i Arreng the COnfernce FOr bussnies mangment IN BUchresti romania ..The COnfernce Admin give us any Invation FOr join the confernce \?
  • If you are going to Romania on business, then the conference organiser should offer a letter of invitation.
    Ask them.
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