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bringing my Tunisian husband and dog to the u.k

Was wondering if anyone has experience of bringing a dog or husband or both to UK..I met my husband online march 2012..September 2012 we found a stray dog and she lives with his family.but if she is left behind she will not be looked after properly.we married October 2014,but I wasn't earning enough to bring my husband over,but now I am and will be able to apply end of October.I know what's required to bring my dog over,but was trying to get the timings right so I could bring them both at the same husband says let's wait a couple of years till we've saved and go back for her but the reality is this would need trips back and forth with both of us and this would be too expensive.since April this year there's a new £600 NHS surcharge that needs to be paid before applying for the costs are I live in a flat without a garden so need to move before I can bring our I'm feeling very overwhelmed about timings husband is currently having English lessons and hopes to take his test in the next month or the time we submit the application I would have been to Tunisia 6 times.this is down to finances.will this go against me ? We have plenty of evidence of our relationship but we've tended in the last couple of years not to use email or phone or Skype..we use Facebook because we can make free calls. Any advice most welcome.thank you.


  • You are trying to do too much all at once. You need to do things step by step and bringing your husband and the dog together is not feasible.
    First you need to move as you will require thhis address for your husbands application as well as the dog.
    Why is your husband not contributing to these bills. I know Tunisians dont earn much but every little helps.
    Six trips to Tunisia is sufficient and I assume you can print off facebook messages, to prove contact.

    Move house, bring the dog and then your husband. As an immigration lawyer I am fully aware of how much pressure is put on British women to pay everything for their Tunisian hsbands. Let me tell you something you will not like, your dog will probably more loyal and a better bet than your husband.
  • Hi Alethia,
    Thank you very much for your dog may well turn out to be more loyal,but I've married him and will see what happens.if we are refused ,I don't be able to afford to apply again anyway.the next stage is booking the English test,but I'm getting conflicting information from ukv1 and ieltsukvisas. British one offers 2 x A1 tests..and the other offers 3..academic,general anduk life skills.and the price on one site says 290 tnd and the other 600 tnd! Please could you tell me which one he must take?
    Thank you so much.
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