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travel money

Hi I have a kenyan friend in nigeria they have a visa to visit spain but are being told thet need 3500.00 euros before they can travel is this true?


  • Are they being told it costs that much money to leave Nigeria, or to enter Spain? And who is telling them this? What kind of Visa were they issued?

  • If this is a tourist visa for the Schengen region, as I imagine it is, then your friend would have had to prove sufficient funds to make the trip possible to get their visa in the first place. When travelling it is always advisable to carry along all the supporting documents, like bank statements, that enabled you to get the visa in the first place (they do actually tell you to do this when your visa is issued) as border control agents have the right to request evidence of sufficient funds, proof of ties to home country etc even if you have a visa. So, your friend needs to take along all supporting documents.
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