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zimbabwe Mana Pools

Hi I want to get to Mana Pools. I'm not sure about driving in a strange country and particularly in an area where there isn't much human life especially as I will be travelling with just me and two youngsters. Can I fly into Mana Pools and is it possible to do this from Harare or do I need to fly into Vic Falls?

Any info/advice gratefully appreciated


  • I lived in Zimbabwe some years ago and it is not advisable to be travelling alone with just you and your children in such a remote area. You should travel in a group. Where do you live?
  • Hi, reference your post about Mana Pools. You have to options to get to Mana Pools: Self Drive, recommend a 4x4 or Charter Flight from Harare. Self Drive will take you about 6 hours. Self Drive option you need to book a campsite or self catering lodges, self explanatory that you have to take everything with you food and drink wise. Charter flight is expensive and then you need to go into one of the private safari camps. Depending on the ages of your children I would recommend a 3 day canoe safari which takes you from west to east along the entire north boundary of the park.
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