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Shengen Visa Refusal

edited May 2015 in - Greece and Cyprus
I applied for a Schengen visa to Greece from the vfs center in Bahrain,
but after few days, they inform me that the visa has been refused, and the reason is "you have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin ....".

Actually I am Lebanese, and I was planning to go Greece from Lebanon, so I submitted the ticket from Bahrain to Lebanon, and the ticket from Lebanon to Greece.

so please advise me what they mean, and what documents might be required.



  • Hi Abed,
    Sounds like the main problem was that you failed to prove you have sufficient funds to pay for your holiday. With a Schengen visa application you are required to provide bank statements going back some months, and a letter from your bank, proving that you have enough money to pay for food, accommodation, flights (if not already booked) etc while in the Schengen zone. This is all laid out clearly in the application form (under supporting documents).
  • Ella is correct it is nothing to do with your ticket and where you travel from . It is the lack of sufficient funds and documentary evidence
  • Hi Abed,
    We are also in the same situation like you. We applied through Greek Embassy and got our visa rejected with the same reason. Would you pls advice what did you do to get your visa approved?
    Will really appreciate your quick help.

    Thank you,
  • edited April 2016
    It's very simple, read the specific reasons your Visa was rejected, correct them, then reapply.

    Do not hop around applying to different countries thinking that you'll magically slip through.

    Good luck.

  • Hi @CheersT
    Thank you for ur response. Me and my husband had applied for Schengen Visa through Greek Embassy. We submitted our applications at VFS Bangalore on 28-Mar-2016.

    We have got our passports back with refusal letters. The reason for refusal as per the letter is 'The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable'.

    We had submitted all the relevant documents as mentioned on the VFS website which included all hotel reservations, to and fro travel reservations, employment and leave letter, medical Insurance, marriage certificate, bank statements, payslips, previous passport copies, marriage certificate etc. We have no clue what went missing.

    We have sent an email to Greece Embassy too but no response from them yet. We tried calling them but they never pick up. We are very saddened and helpless now. Could u pls advice what went missing?

    For the To and Fro flight tickets, we have the confirmed Airline tickets. Also, we have the confirmed internal travel bookings while traveling from one country to another. For hotel booking, we have booked the hotels from with the option 'Pay at Hotel' and even took the confirmation email from the Hotels on booking date and confirmation. We submitted everything, no clue what went missing :'(

    Please assist, we are completely clueless on what extra document they require? @Alethia seeking your expert advice as well.

    Kind Regards,
  • @vidhi_sam
    Your travel itinerary, should always be booked through a bona fide travel agent not on line when applying for a Schengen visa.
    Why were you going to Greece and for how long.
  • @Alethia : We are going to Greece for tourism purpose. We are staying maximum number of days in Greece hence we applied through Greece Embassy. The total number of days are 15. 4 nights in Greece, 3 nights in Italy, 3 nights in Switzerland, 3 nights in Netherlands and 2 ngts in Paris.

    In order to re-apply what do you advice? Should we re-apply through Greek Embassy only or any other like Switzerland or France Embassy by increasing number of nights in those countries? Pls advice @Alethia
  • @vidhi_sam
    Instead of travelling solo have you thought of going on a group tour I believe this may be the best way to travel and you may obtain your visa easier
  • @Alethia
    We don't have a group. It's just me and my husband :(

    In order to re-apply what do you advice? Should we re-apply through Greek Embassy only or any other like Switzerland or France Embassy by increasing number of nights in those countries? Pls advice @Alethia
  • @vidhi_sam
    I just gave you advice you are more likekly to get a visa if you join a tour group, because their is more chance of you returning home.

    Secondly I always find it odd when people apply for a Schengen visa why they spend 4 days in this country 3 days in that country etc. This what happens on coach tours.

    Why not say you are spendng a week in Greece and a week in Italy and just do your own thing once your there.
  • Alethia is correct, nobody forces you to stick to the itinerary you mention when you apply for a visa. Once the Schengen visa has been issued you are free to move where you want within the Schengen zone. As far as where you should apply goes, I would suggest applying at the Greek Embassy again (not an appeal, a fresh application). If it looks like you're 'shopping around' for a visa you are less likely to get one. It looks to me like you were probably denied the visa first time around because your accommodation has simply been booked online and not paid for or confirmed. Websites like and are wonderful tools but embassies are suspicious of them as proof of itinerary. If you produce a real, confirmed hotel booking you are more likely to get the visa.
  • thanks @Ella Johnson and @Alethia . While re-applying shall I mention in my cover letter that last time my visa has been refused or shall I not mention it?
  • @vidhi_sam

    There is no need to mention the refusal in your cover letter.
  • @Alethia
    Is there any specific reason of not mentioning the previous refusal? I have read couple of blogs and everywhere they have mentioned to include the previous refusal while re-applying. Please let me know if there is any specific reason of not mentioning the same?
  • @vidhi_sam
    Do you think that the Schengen countries keep no records, that once you are refused no information is retained? Do you think the Schengen caseworkers are idiots and cannot link your digital file once you have your biometrics taken?

    Frankly I could not care less what you do, tatoo "I have been refused" on your forehead if that helps.
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