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Please help, I want my Kenyan girlfriend to be in UK with me

My girlfriend is from Kenya, we are together from August 2014. Beginning of May 2015, I flew to Nairobi, we spend 22 day together, I wish, I could stay longer, but I have to go back to London because, I used all my holidays for this working year. I want, invite my girlfriend to visit me in London we can spend Christmas holidays together. What kind of papers and proof we need to get her visa, can please someone can help me, please.


  • Klemen23, unless your girlfriend has a very good job, savings and strong ties to Kenya it is doubtful she will be granted a visitor visa for the UK. Good luck you will need it.
  • My girlfriend still study, so am guessing there is like 1 percent chance for her to get visitor visa. Do we have more chance if we get married.
  • Do you earn £18600 per annum and have done for at least 6 months and have a place to live rented or mortgage, if so then you may stand a chance.
  • Last I working year I have earned over 20000 pounds, and I got place for live :smile:
    so I got chance, thank you for your help
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