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Divorce in Tunisia

I am a British man living In Saudi with my Tunisian wife. She cheated on me so I tried to divorce her in the Saudi courts, which they did not do. She is now back in Tunisia saying she will never divorce me. I can't travel to Tunisia or do I have the time to go and arrange the Divorce.
What options are open for me and how long will it take.
Also, I am guessing the divorce will be an 'Islamic Divorce' in that I have a three month period to reconcile with her. This maybe an option.

How do I proceed?


  • If I am correct you only married a short time ago. Sorry to hear your news

    You had a civil non religious marriage in Tunisia therefore you must have a civil divorce. Talaq nama (islamic divorce is not recognised in Tunisia or the UK)

    I have worked with a Tunisian lawyer and he has assisted my clients his name is Anouar Ghachem, he will assist and advise you and will not overcharge you.

    tel (+216) 22574059 email [email protected]
    Tell him Alethia recommended you, do you want me to email him?
  • Hi Alehia, you really helped me the last time. Yes it is sad, she caused me to lose my job and she also played the field behind my back a few times. Its sad what happened I am very angry with everything yet I have forgiven her, but don't see a future with her. Strange as I knew her for a year before marriage and she turned out to be the exact opposite after marriage.
    Yes I will email him after I get a little more information.

    My wife said she will go to Tunisia - which she has now done this week - and she will initiate the divorce proceedings. Now she has declined saying if I want a divorce I can chase it up myself. She will not help me. She also warned it will take a long long time.
    Is she correct, will it take a long time?

    Also, I thought I had a religious ceremony. I am a Muslim and so is she. At the registration they did the wedding in an Islamic fashion.

  • Warrior, all weddings in Tunisia are civil, religious weddings are not legal. Lesley the Tunisian expert will also confirm that.
    The majority religion is Islam in Tunisia but only civil weddings are legal and have been since 1957
    I doubt the divorce will take a long time , your wife is just being difficult.
  • Warrior - Alethia is correct, there is no such thing as a religious marriage in Tunisia. It is a civil marriage (a contract which is signed by both parties). No such thing as in Islamic Fashion!! It is purely and simply a contract between the two of you and agreeing to terms if you should divorce. You can have a divorce within 3 weeks as long as you don't contest and agree with it. How was your marriage contract? Did you agree to asset protection or did you go the 50/50% rule. Please be careful with this. Your wife has declined to divorce you as it will cost her money and not you. I advise that you begin the proceedings yourself.
  • As far as I remember, there was no 50/50 or anything. I am not Tunisian or intending on living there so it does not effect me I think?

    If I contact a lawyer in Tunisia, giving him my name and where I got married, can he then arrange for the divorce on my behalf or will I need to travel to Tunisia?

  • Warror, please contact the lawyer whose details I have given you already. I am sure he will do everything on your behalf, I doubt you will need to go to Tunisia but only a lawyer can tell you exactly.
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