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Mom on Visitor visa in uk, can i apply for her schengan visa from UK

Hi experts,

Need your help please.

Both me and my spouse are british citizens and my mom is visiting us in UK with a dependent visitor visa valid for 2 years. We wanted to plan a holiday to Netherlands this summer but are stuck as unsure whether or not we can apply for my mom's schengen visa from UK itself ?

Please advise as would ideally want to sort out a holiday for the next month.

Thanks in advance.


  • A UK visitors visa may be valid for 2 years but the maximum time they can spend in the UK is 6 months. These visas are given to people so they do not need to apply for a UK visa each time they want to visit the UK.

    Some Schengen countries do not accept applications from visitors to the UK but as she is the dependent of an EU national they may accept.

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