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Is it safe to travel to South Korea


I am wondering if it is safe to travel to South Korea at this time with the MERS virus situation that seems to be happening there. Will I get MERS if I go to South Korea? What areas/ cities are affected by MERS in South Korea?

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  • Hi Greg. At this time (30 June 2015) South Korea has reported that there have been no new MERS cases or deaths in about 9 days, so it seems like the outbreak is nearly stopped, but not yet fully under control. Strong disease control measures are still in place with thousands being placed in quarantine. If travel to South Korea is essential, it is strongly advised that you first seek advice from a medical professional. Cities that are worst affected are Pyeongtaek (were the outbreak began) and various parts of Seoul. The link for the latest information is available here:
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    This is what the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office states on the matter , its very informative with links to the WHO sites
  • Thanks Alethia. The above link is very good info for anyone wanting to know the latest details about the MERS crisis in South Korea.
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