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Is It Safe to Travel to Tunisia after the June 2015 Terror Attack?

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Can anybody offer advice about the current situation in Tunisia? Is it safe to travel to Tunisia or should all holidays be cancelled? Which regions should be avoided? Usually resorts are considered the safest places for tourists in countries like Egypt and Tunisia because the tourism bubbles are somewhat protected from the political turmoil, but that seems to be changing.
Lesley, you seem to have great advice on Tunisia, what do you think?


  • Hey Wren,
    The recent terrorist attack (26 June) took place at Port El Kantaoui, near Sousse. I imagine this area won't be any fun to visit at the moment. Check out the British FCO's advice on the matter:
    Nobody can really tell you whether your holiday needs to be cancelled or not, but I am also keen to hear what @Lesley has to say about the atmosphere in Tunisia at the moment.
    Wren, give us some more information on where in Tunisia you are planning to go and when?
  • Wren - what I can tell you is this: all of us as Tunisians are sad but also very angry that this happened to our treasured guests. We are angry with our government that they did not do as they told us they would to protect our tourists and visitors. However, now they are acting very quickly. The tourist resorts are now heavily guarded as are the historic cities and sites. The tourist police are very active and very mobile. Please, please don't let this incident cloud your opinion of Tunisia. To be really honest we are peaceful people, we don't want this evil on our land and we stand together to show our solidarity. This attack was motiviated by politics of ISIL as they wish to destabilise our fledgling democracy. I promise all that this will never happen, never. Too many shed blood and lost their lives, the lives of family for this democracy and it is very precious to us. Our economy is dependent on tourists so we will do everything in our power to protect you, to make you safe and to make your vacation here happy and memorable. You can feel confident to travel anywhere now in the country. You will see the army and police at checkpoints everywhere but don't be nervous. We love our army and we are very happy to have them in our streets. If you want anything please let me know, I will help as much as I can.
  • Thanks for that Lesley. I hope Tunisia recovers fast from this terrible tragedy.
  • The government of Tunisia has been extremely complacent especially in view of the Bardo museum attack,
    surely they must have realised how vulnerable Tunisia is.

    While it is right we think of those who were killed and injured, we must not forget the loss this atrocity will inflict on the Tunisian people whose very livelihood and way of life is at risk.

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families of those who have lost their loved ones and I hope the injured recover soon.

  • Thanks Lesley, I appreciate the local perspective. I don't plan to cancel my holiday! I'll repost here once I have more specific questions.
  • Wren - really I am very happy with your decision!! Please feel free to ask me anything and I will respond quickly.
  • Here is a very interesting article on the State of Emergency in Tunisia and an interview with the Tunisian president.
  • As of today the British government has changed its travel advice regarding Tunisia,

    Since the attack in Sousse, we have been working closely with the Tunisian authorities to investigate the attack and the wider threat from terrorist groups in Tunisia. Although we have had good co-operation from the Tunisian government, including putting in place additional security measures, the intelligence and threat picture has developed considerably, reinforcing our view that a further terrorist attack is highly likely. On balance, we do not believe the mitigation measures in place provide adequate protection for British tourists in Tunisia at the present time and we have therefore changed our travel advice accordingly.
    The FCO against all travel in several areas and advise against all but essential travel to trhe rest of Tunisia

    The major tour companies Thomas Cook, Thomson,First Choice, Easy Jet and Monarch

    This will have serious ramifications for tourism in Tunisia and the Tunisian people
  • Thanks for that Alethia. Scary stuff.
  • We still think it is safe here but everyone should take the advice of their own governments in regard to travel warnings. It is so sad that this has happened here, but it is definitely politically motivated. We are the only 'Islamic' country that won democracy and we will defend this to our last drop of blood. We won't let evil dominate our socity.
  • edited July 2015
    Lesley i do not understand your comment "politically motivated". Surely this is ISIS attacking a democratic country and spreading its reign of terror.

    This is the latest on travel to Tunisia from the UK. TUI Travel is a German company who own First Choice and Thomson, they also own German and Belgian tour companies, who will also stop flying to Tunisia.

    Are you due to travel to Tunisia on holiday in the next few days?
    You will not be able to travel on your holiday as planned.
    Contact your travel provider to discuss alternative arrangements.

    Are you due to travel to Tunisia on holiday but not in the next few days?
    Whilst the advice not to travel is in place travel companies will not send customers to Tunisia
    Many travel companies already given their customers the option to amend bookings to Tunisia up until 31/10/15.

    Are you booked on a package holiday to Tunisia?
    If you are booked on a package holiday your travel company is obliged to offer you an alternative holiday, if they can, or a full refund.
    They might also be able to offer the options of deferring your date of travel, or transferring to another destination, please note you will be liable for any increases in costs.

    How do you check if you're booked on a package holiday?
    If you've booked flights and accommodation at an inclusive price with a tour operator, it will be a package. I

    Have you booked a separate flight and hotel arrangement for your holiday to Tunisia?
    If you booked separate arrangements for your holiday to Tunisia, you should contact both the airline and the travel company through which you booked your hotel arrangements.

    You don't have an automatic right to a refund of the services.
    Airlines will generally allow customers to defer dates of travel or transfer to another destination. However you may well be charged a cancellation fee for other services such as accommodation or car hire which may or may not be covered by your travel insurance.

    Will you get a refund for your holiday?
    If you've booked a package holiday your travel company must offer you an equivalent alternative holiday (if available) or a full refund of all money paid.

    Will you get compensation if your holiday doesn't go ahead?
    No, you won't be entitled to any additional compensation, as the reason for the holiday not continuing is outside the control of the tour operator.

  • Alethia - politically motivated in that we won democracy, against all odds. By attacking tourists in Tunisia Daesh (Islamic State) are trying to destabilise our economy. Tourists contribute over 15% of our income annually so it is very important to us. If we lose that amount, indeed if any country loses that amount of income there is the high probability of unrest and unemployment. Taking these factors into account this is where IS takes territory and murders those who do not consent to their ideology. This is what I mean by political. As we know the western media and governments tend to overdo the horror and terror alerts. Like anywhere else in the world, if you are a tourist then you must be aware of your surroundings and belongings at all times. Especially if you are with a large group of foreigners at any tourist site or hotel etc. However, saying all of there currently an alert out against tourists going to the States??? Probably not.
  • Hello! I am addressing this discussion with a request for some valuable information on the recent terror attacks in Tunisia. I am a MBA student studying Tourism and Services Management in Paris, France. I am writing my thesis on " Terror attacks and its effects on the Tunisian Tourism and Hospitality Industry;
    How effective can a “Cultural Event “ be in the wake of a Terror attack?

    My intensions behind writing about Tunisia are in line with the Tunisian masses and government to promote tourism and urge foreign tourists to visit Tunisia again.

    My only request to the concerned people on this, is to know more about the upcoming cultural festival in Sousse as my aim is to attract tourists to the festival and promote the destiantion to them as a safe and peaceful place.

    The only major request I have, to help me with references to survey the Tourists who have visited and plan to visit Tunisia (Tourist groups, bloggers, travellers..) by explaining about the upcoming "Cultural Event" on how they can play their part in Tunisia's peacful approach against terrorism.

    Thank you in advance!!
  • Over the last couple of years we have had dozens of "terrorists" arrested here so it's very interesting that this one made the news. However, reading the comments of those Britons who were forced to leave shows that we are serious about fighting terrorist attacks and that our government and security forces are showing an increased presence everywhere.
  • Lesley, the attack on Sousse beach was a major terrorist attack coupled with the killings at the Bardo museum just a couple of months ago make this very serious that is why this last arrest of alledged terrorists is news worthy.

    Tourists love Tunisia and many wanted to stay but safety of the majority has to be considered.

    The Tunisian government/security forces were too complacent after the Bardo attack the President has admitted that.

    As many tourists said they feel very sorry for the Tunisian people and expressed their concern, I dont know how many Tunisians will manage to live as their incomes plummet as tourists are gone and the hotels stand empty. I know this is not what ordinary people want for the Tunisians but the Tunisians must stand against these killers and ask for international help if neccesary to protect their land.

  • Prasad, thank you for promoting tourism to Tunisia but I don't understand your question very well. Do you want information on the Sousse festival or about terrorism in general? If you wish to send me an email then I will be happy to answer any questions you have
  • Thank you for your response Lesley!

    Yes, if you can help me with information on the Sousse festival which started this 15th? and if possible kindly let me know, where I can find the inforamtion on the event for last two years(2013-14)

    Finally, I will need your help with any references where I can make a survey or interview of any officials from the Tunisian tourism industry.

    It will be really appreciated.

    Following is the link of my survey if you are able to spare 5 minutes to have a look.

    Thank you in advance.

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