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Is it cheaper to visit Greece now?

Hi all,

I am from the UK and have been thinking of going to Greece for a while now, especially to go around the Greek islands for a holiday. I am wondering if it will be cheaper to visit Greece now with the financial crisis going on or should I wait, because it might be even cheaper when they exit the EU.

Also, is it safe to visit Athens now with all the protests? And what will happen to the EU visa situation if Greece leaves the Euro?




  • gregexpert, this is what the British Foreign and Coommonwealth office have to say and does answer your questions

    Visa are NOT aafected by membership of the Euro but by membership of the EEA. (Europran Economic Area) there are several coyntries in the EEA who are not in the Euro the UK is one of them.

    As for it being cheaper to visit now or if Greece exits the Euro, who knows ? Just go on holiday and stop being a cheap skate.
  • "... And what will happen to the EU visa situation if Greece leaves the Euro?..."

    How in the world could anyone possibly answe that? No crystal balls here...

  • All the times we have visited greece as well as talking with friends during hot protests other than a very small part of the city, the rest of the area is good. Furthermore not having being attacked by terrorist I consider it a safer destination than other Europeans. Last but not least, prices have drobbed and using couch surfing hostels or sharing room or appartments you can find a cheap travel with lot of history gastronomy etc.
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