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Best walking and hiking holidays?

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My husband and I have travelled to a few fantastic countries and done some of the most amazing walks. We're headed to California is in September and I am dead keen to do some hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains but we're not sure about which trail to do.

We'll only be in California for a couple of weeks so I'm trying to narrow it all down to a few choices. What are the best trails? What are the best areas to visit in the Sierras? Any places I should skip all together? We'd like to stay in Lake Tahoe for a few nights too.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!


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    A great walk to do is down into the Grand Canyon, and then spend a night or two along the river at the bottom. Its an amazing experience to walk down away from the bustle and congestion of all the visitors. There are several campsites and lots of different walks to do. Back up at the top are great showers and facilities to get you back in shape.
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