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What to wear in Amsterdam

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Hi all!

Could someone plz give me some clues as to what to wear in Amsterdam in august? The weather is somehow similar in july and august, and I've heard about sweaters and stuff, but i think this must be too much for the weather. Are jeans "obligatory" or could we just wear short pants and t-shirts?



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    Hi there,

    I am from Holland but living in the UK, I would say Amsterdam is as diverse as London and you can wear whatever you fancy (dependant in the weather of course).

    But if you are planning on going out for dinner somewhere nice you might want to make an effort.

    Mane sure you check the weather, it can be as unpredictable as in England!
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    Hello there...

    Im going to Maastricht for short term course..Ive read in the net that the coolest months are December to March exactly the duration of my I need to bring with me eskimo type stuffs because it will be very costly when buying there? I live in a tropical country..not used for snow weather...
    Thanks and happy new year
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    Visiting Amsterdam inApril before goin gon the Rhine cruise...what is the weather like at this time of year and what do you wear on the cruise?? So excited about going there!!
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