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Potential Online Dating Scam?

edited July 2015 in Scams
Met a man on line. Supposedly he is in Nigeria on a project. He asked me if he could put $3000 from his account into my account and when it clears to send him the money to finish project. I keep saying no. Any advice on this?


  • He claims he'll put $3,000 into your account with no strings attached, then once you've recieved the $3,000 and confirmed it's real for some magical reason you need to forward it to him?!

    What planet do you live on?!

  • This is a classic scam @bostonter - I would advise just cutting contact now.
  • Bostonter you are in idiot to even give this man and his story a second thought. stop all contact with him.

    Terry's right what planet do these people live on, don't they read the news or the internet, where there are thousands of scammer stories.
  • I am not an idiot and yes, I am from this planet. I have no intention of giving this man any of my information. I asked for advice, not to be called names. If this is how you hand out advice to your friends, I doubt you have any.
  • bostonter, with all due respect if you can't handle being talked to like an adult then stick to dealing with obvious scammers on lonely hearts websites. Sometimes the truth hurts, get over it.

    Good luck.

  • Bostonter, you asked for advice and we gave you advice. If you were my friend in the real world I would say the same to you.
  • Anyone heard of stf fund been talking to girl from london this is her name hazel karen sawyer watch out she is full of deception and wants to steal your money
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