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Visiting New Zealand

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Visiting New Zealand for the first time. Any suggestion for places to visit?


  • Hi Amber,
    You don't say where exactly you're going or what your interests are, but hopefully this free New Zealand Travel Guide will give you some ideas and inspiration. If you have more specific questions let us know.
  • Check with VFS, They will guide you properly.

  • Tahirnaqash, do you mean VFS the visa company? If so how can they assist a visitor to New Zealand?
  • hi all,
    I am working in Bahrain but i'm from Philippines i would like to visit NZ rarotonga cook Island as a tourist is it possible for me?
  • @melineza
    The Cook Islands are self-governing 'in free association' with New Zealand they are not owned by New Zealand.

    Filipinos need a visa to go to New Zealand but they do not need a visa for the Cook Islands.
    All visitors to Cook Islands are required a to have a valid passport, a valid ticket for onward travel and evidence of where or with whom they will be staying.
    When you arrive on the island immigration will stamp your passport with a 31 day visitor permit, extensions are granted on a monthly basis for a fee.

  • 1) White Island is the most active volcano in New Zealand
    2) The Bay of Islands is one of the best places to go in New Zealand for fishing, sailing.
    3) Queenstown has a well-deserved reputation adventure capital of New Zealand.
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    I know a company that offers immigration to New Zealand. I have inquired last week and i think they are legit. I am going to start my application with Visas and Work Permit by tomorrow and see if I will be given a visa. My aunt is there but I dont know if she will be able to help me.
  • I have much heard about New Zealand but never been there in my life. I also want to visit there and explore it attractions and beauty personally. I wish I will visit there soon as possible and will have splendid time at there with my bestie and come back with pleasure memories.
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