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Holiday in Egypt advice

I am visiting Egypt for 2 weeks with my 15 year old son In August 2009. My concern is that the men in Egypt is noted to harass woman very often. Can you tell me what conservative dressing means? I will be travelling on a long transfer from Cairo airport to Hurghada with a tour operator. +- 3 hrs. Is this safe?


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    Conservative dress would be covered shoulders and no low cut tops, no shorts or short skirts above the knee.
    The tour operator transfers are usually fine they use local drivers but are accompanied by local agents of the tour company.
    Hope that is helpful information.
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    As you are travelling with your 15 year old son I doubt that you will be hassled, however, my advice is to use humour to diffuse any difficult situations. Hurghada is a very touristique area and the shop owners are very keen to part you from your money and that is probably the only hassle you will have. One of the best lines I've heard lately: "how can I part you from your money today" Really just smile, laugh and keep walking! But I hope that you are going to see more of Egypt than just Hurghada - it is an incredible country. Also just so you know Ramadan begins approximately 22 August for 30 days during which time we don't eat, smoke, drink during sunrise to sunset. As it is very hot at this time you may find some tour guides etc a little cranky and stressed and quite tired. Please forgive them, it is not easy without water during the heat.
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    A group of us (around 10) is planning to visit Egypt by coming Christmas (23 Dec 2009 ~ 04 Jan 2010). Please advice what dress is suitable?
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    Dear Jo,
    your dress depends on you.
    You can wear whatever you want, there in no problem.
    Christmas dress here in Cairo depends on where you gonna spend it, so if you gonna spend it in the church you should wear formal somehow.
    For any further information, you can contact me.
    Best Regards.
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