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Best coastal resorts in Portugal


I am planning a trip to Portugal from the UK for next summer. I am wanting to know of the best coastal resorts in Portugal. I have heard Albufeira, Cascais and Estoril are great, but would like to hear which are recommended and obviously some other recommendations on smaller coastal/ beach resorts in Portugal would be great. I don't think we will be making it out towards the Azores, so anything on Portugal coast, possibly near Lisbon, but doesn't have to be. Also any advice on cheap/ budget accommodation in Albufeira, Cascais and Estoril would be useful, as well as other recommended budget accomodation in Portugal, especially around Lisbon and the surrounding coast. Also, what is the best and cheapest way to get from Lisbon to Albufeira, Lisbon to Cascais and Lisbon to Estoril.




  • You dont want much do you !
  • Greg, with all due respect almost everything you're asking is easily researched. Minimal, simple Googling would give you a pile of info then you could come back with more specific questions. Expecting someone to answer all that is kinda lazy.

  • Hi Greg,
    I haven't personally been to Portugal (sadly!) but I think this free Portugal Travel Guide will be a big help. It includes summaries of many of the most popular resorts. Hopefully somebody with more personal experience will come along to advise you further.
  • Hey Greg. Each of those resorts (Cascais, Albefeira and Estoril) offer different experiences. The advantage of Estoril and Cascais is that, if you are flying into Lisbon, they are only about 20 or 30 minutes from the city. If you are planning to move around to more than one resort, it may be useful to rent a car from Lisbon airport, but there are also relatively cheap train and bus options from Lisbon to Cascais and Lisbon to Estoril. Albufeira is a bit further away (about 3 hour from Lisbon by train, bus or car), but there are cheap flights on TAP Portugal airlines that only take 45min to reach Albufeira. Some smaller, less touristy beach resort towns to consider on the Portuguese coast would be Vila Real de Santo Antonio or Olhao.

    With regard to cheap accommodation, my best advice would be to avoid the busiest time of the year during July and August. This is when prices are highest and better budget accommodation will be snapped up quickest. Other than that, all I can advise to book cheap accommodation is keep an eye out on for self-catering options and try get dates either in May, June or September, to avoid the worst price hikes, but still get some good beach weather.
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