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New schengen visa application after previous visa expired

edited August 2015 in - General Europe

I have a doubt regarding the possibility to request a shengen visa for a chinese cityzen to visit Germany as a tourist + friends visit. This person requested a visa for Spain in spanish embassy few months ago and due to health issues stayed longer than the visa permitted. Finally she went back to China leaving the EU in Paris airport. In the passport checking the officer asked questions about why her visa was expired, and after showing papers from hospital the officer stamped the date (so checking her passport now it's obvious that the visa was expired).

The question stays now if this person can apply and succeed for a new tourist visa (1 month aprox.) to visit Germany:

1. Is it going to be an issue when the German embassy sees the expired visa in her passport?

2. If she requests a new clean passport to the chinese authorities, is there any way the German embassy could know that she already expired one Shengen visa before? As far as I understand the French passport officer did not register anywhere that her visa was expired, just stamped it....

In addition, if anybody could explain me what helpful supporting documents are needed to apply a tourist visa for Germany would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everybody in advance


  • Honesty is the best policy.Your Chinese friend must write a letter when she next applies for a Schengen visa explaining why she overstayed the visa including the documents from the hospital and that she showed the documents to the French immigration officer when she left France.

    Biometric finger printing and photographs will show your friend has had a visa before so dont bother changing her passport.

    Your friend needs to supply the same type of documents to visit Germany that she supplied for the Spanish application, plus evidence explaining why she overstayed on her last visit.
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