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Travel by Train from China to Vietnam/Thailand

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Is there anyone out there who has traveled by train in China. I'm travelling to China in early November as part of a tour group but I would love to stay maybe 10 extra days and possibly see more of China by train and go to Vietnam (I will loose the return portion of my tour). Is it a problem to go from China via train to Vietnam and return to China to fly out. Also, would anyone have an idea what a one way ticket from Beiging or Shanghai to Los Angeles might cost.


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    Hi there. You can take a direct over night train from Nanning (a city in southern China) to Hanoi. But the train condition and time is not very convenience. I'd like to suggest you to take a flight from Guangzhou or Shanghai to Hanoi.
    Airfare from Beijing to LA in Nov is about US$ 810, tax included and from Shanghai to LA is about US$710, tax included.
    Normally, round trip airfare is always more favorable.
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    Hi Zol,

    There are different classes of ticket you can buy:
    - Hard-seat or soft-seat.
    - Hard sleeper berth (each cabin has 6 beds) or soft sleeper berth (each cabin has 4 beds), both with or without air condition.

    - Hanoi- Lao Cai: 16 to 18 US$ (hard sleeper)
    - Hanoi-Hai Phong: 5 US$ (hard seat)
    - Hanoi-Vinh: 28 US$ (soft sleeper)
    - Hanoi – Hue : 58 USD per person (soft sleeper)
    - Hanoi-Nha Trang: 120 US$ (soft sleeper)
    - Hanoi- HCMC: 130 US$ (soft sleeper)
    - Hue-Nha Trang: 63 US$ (soft sleeper)
    - Hue-Nha Trang: 63 US$ (soft sleeper)
    - Hue-HCMC: 70 US$ (soft sleeper)
    - Nha Trang-HCMC: 23 US$ (soft sleeper)

    Visa: Use visa on arrival legally from Vietnam Immigration – get your passport stamped at Vietnam airport for saving time. You will need 2-3 days for normal service and 1 day for urgent service.
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    The time is not settled, it always changes.
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    Hi, Train number T5 are running from beijing to hanio. T5 (Beijing—Hanoi) runs every Thursday and Sunday while T6 (Hanoi—Beijing)
    runs every Tuesday and Friday.
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    This is interesting. I am planning to go to China next summer. This is a very great info! Thanks for sharing. Currently I am making a order essay and coursework writing projects about traveling to that place.
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    i planned go for china (shanghai), i am from india , any train to china from singapore or thailand or malaysia, and tell me the best way to get the visa, because i will reach to singapore on auguest 20 , 2011 , after that my plan is goto china and malaysia, anybody give good idea and route by cheapest(budget) amount . thanks
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    I'm also thinking of going to China, see some beautiful sights and immerse in their unique culture. Maybe I also need to brush up on my Mandarin conversational skills as well. But good thing you brought this up.
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