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Travel to Australia - is a return ticket required?

edited December 2015 in - Australia
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask few questions, I am about to travel in Australia, I have 6 months tourist visa and its multiple visa. Now, I am confused, do I need to have a return ticket back here in Malaysia? Need your help please..

Thank you everyone.


  • Hi MJ18,
    I assume you're Malaysian? The return ticket rule is often a requirement of getting a visa in the first place so the fact that you already have a visa is a good start. You may not need the return ticket - I can't see any specific rule about this for entering Australia. However, it could come down to the border control official who stamps your passport. I always advise travellers have proof of return or onward travel as this is the first thing border control wants to see if they start asking questions. Is there a reason you don't have proof of onward travel and don't want to get it?
  • Hi Ella Johnson,

    Thank you very much for your response, I do appreciate it.

    I am Filipino but currently working in Malaysia.

    I probably have an onward travel from Australia to another country but, don't know exactly when. As long as my visa still valid to stay in Australia I will surely stay there.

    So, I should get a return ticket then for assurance?

    Thak you very much for taking time to response. Have a nice day ahead..:)

    God Bless..:)

  • If you intend to stay in Australia as long as your visa is valid then perhaps you should just book a flight now for the last week or so that the visa is active. You will have to leave by then anyway. Many airlines offer flexible tickets for a price - worthwhile if your plans are this vague. As I said above, it may not be strictly necessary, but I wouldn't personally take the risk, not when I would ultimately need to book a return flight anyway. Ultimately only you can decide. Enjoy your trip!
  • Thank you Ella... I am flying on next Friday and gonna book flexible tickets.

    Thank you very much.
  • Hello everyone
    Just wanted to ask few questions I am about to travel to Australia while am a Nigeria but I have someone in Australia we both love each other and we want to have our wedding in Australia so what we need to do in order for me to get visa to Australia

    Thank you
  • Another on line romance. I am sure you will love her very much until you get a visa. No help from me.
  • Alethia I couldn't agree less than what you have said but not online romance is fake , my cousin is from USA and an american citizen who left US to marry a Thai girl, he has lived in USA for 49 years of his life and doing very well for himself in America, really fell in love with this girl and is getting married in few months time. If intent and intentions of two people are real , distance is NOTHING. I do feel that for two people who have emotional , spiritual ,physical chemistry matching with depth nothing is more priceless than both of them being with each other.
  • @iloveindia your American cousin has not married his Thai woman yet and she does not have her USA greencard, see how long they are together once she has her stay in the good old USA.
  • iloveindia, get real. I'll bet "frankly" has never even met his Australian "true love" face-to-face.

  • and how can you have physical chemistry if you have never met?

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