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Shengen tourist VISA to Germany


Can you let me know the procedure to apply for Shengen Visa to Germany.
I live in San Jose and I'm a Indian citizen on H1B VISA. I have booked my appointment on on sept 2nd around 8AM but I havent got many confirmation email or text. I gave my email and phone number during booking my appointment. How can I make sure my appointment is confirmed apart from calling the embassy?
The next thing is visa application. How can I apply for German Shengen visa application?
I have filled up the visa application form on Once I filled the form, it generated a PDF. I guess I have to print the application and take necessary documents during my appointment time. .
Can you let me know if this procedure is correct? Let me know I'm missing anything.
Can you also let me know if I have to show the consulate proof of accommodation for my entire stay or only few days is fine. Say if I'm staying for 10days in Germany and Spain, Can I only book my hotel for 2 or 3 days in Germany?



  • Each Schengen country has its own procedure for processing the visa. Some countries allow "walk ins " to the Embassy to make the application in person in other countries you must make applications on line and go to the visa application centre , appointment only

    Some Schengen states issue the visa in a couple of days other Schengen states can take 3-4 weeks. It is therefore not possible to advise you if you have followed the correct procedure. When you book your appointment you usually just print off the appointment details as proof of your reservation.

    There is a standard application form you complete and take with all your documents. Finally you most definitely need to show accomodation for the whole of your trip or you will be refused.

  • Thanks for your comments.
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