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Schengen Visa Waiting Time

edited August 2015 in - Spain and Portugal
hi I have applied for a visa to spain n was rejected due to the info mating submitted regardin the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable we have reapplyed and appointment is tomorrow we now amended the evidence by taking my son's birthday certificate as my son is not coming and taking my partners passport and letters from my partners father stating he is having our son whilst we're away and printed off tickets showing were coming back. I'm very worried I never applied for visa so it's all new to me. now we have 2 weeks 3 days till we departure on our holiday is there anyway I can have it fast tracked


  • There is no fast track service you just have to wait.
  • Hello Alethia
    I am from Indian passport holder but i live in Beira Mozambique here is my business Concern is that, I have applied Shangen visa Portugal consulate in Beria Mozambique i submit all documents . after she asked me why you want to go Portugal i said i want to visit my girlfriend then she said you have to write 1 declaration you are going meet your girlfriend same day i did that after she said you should wait 2 days or 3 days. after that i have breakup with my girlfriend i don't know whats happen after 1 week consulate called me said you can not go Portugal 1 and half year i asked why? she said no in Portugal not accept and they did not give me written reason. so i want to know i cant take any shangen visa or only Portugal because i applied Portugal consulate can i apply spain if portugal reject my visa .but last year i went in portugal also .so please advice me ,
  • my 2 question is if my another friend live in Portugal if he send me invitation latter and after portugal consulate will give me visa or not because they said you cant go one and half year and nothing give me a reason in written so please suggest me what should i do now
  • Alizaidi you are entitled to a reason in writing and you should demand that as it is your right to know why your banned. However ,if your banned for one and a half years from Portugal I seriously doubt if an other country would give you a Schengen visa
  • i went Portugal consulate they are not giving me written any latter and said you were use your girlfriend name so Portugal consulate think you are lying or possible consulate portugal called my girlfriend and she said i am not responsible him but they should give me a reason in written or what? so i am confused i can apply Shangen visa another country or not ? Please suggest me
    Thanks Alethia
  • if i can get the shangen visa from spain i can travel portugal or not?
  • @Alizaidi, if you are issued a Schengen visa you can travel to any country within the Schengen zone, regardless of which country issued the visa. So yes, if Spain grants you a visa you can also travel to Portugal. However, it sounds like you need to work on your application before any country will grant you a Schengen visa. Just go through the application very carefully and make sure to be honest and clear answering the questions, and attach as much good evidence of ties to home as you can. If you are no longer with your girlfriend you need to come up with a new reason for travel and make the application to support that.
  • Ella Johnson Thanks You to much helped me .i applied last week also from Spain embassy they asked me paid hotel booking i did paid hotel booking i did also insurance all my company documents .so please advice me how many days they will call me from interview ?
    God Bless you.
  • No one on this forum can tell you when you will be called for interview,it depends on the Spanish Embassy time table.
  • ok Thanks .
  • I fly out on Friday 4th sept ad they still.not. uNreal I will.lose over 1500 pounds if I can't go on Friday. what's the delay. We are human.
  • You should not make arrangements until you have your visa
  • Hello Team I hope all are fine i want to know about my shangen visa i applied online i sent all documents like before 10 days they did not reply me .i sent 3 mail also Spain consulate i don't know why he is not replying so please suggest me what should i do now .
  • A Schengen visa application can take at up to 21 working days to process. If you received no response how do you know your application was received? Which country did you apply to ?
  • i applied Spain. i sent my all documents from email in Spain embassy in Maputo Mozambique.
  • i am still waiting can you please reply?
  • If you check the website of the Spanish Embassy in Maputo Mozambique you will see that they state that the visa process can take between 15 to 60 days.
  • ok thanks Alethia
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