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Marriage in Tunisia

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I m an Indian male working in UAE, I love a girl from Tunisia, and want to marry with her...what are the prerequisites for the same.


  • If you are not a muslim you will encounter difficulties marrying a Tunisian girl in Tunisia anD she will not be able to travel unaccompanied to the UAE.
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    Hello Alethia
    I'm not sure is it right place for that, but I have some problems about getting marry in tunisia, all I need is any municipality contact or email even better in Tunisia, would be so helpful, thank you
  • Dear Kotryna,

    Like most questions about Visas/Immigration you fail to state the single most important piece of information: What is your nationality?!

  • Good morning, im Lithuanian
  • Kotryna Why do you need the email of a Tunisian municipality?
  • I need only the email, cs i just can't find it in interner,or its in french/arabic pages. I know my country does'nt have any registry, consul office there
  • Thats correct Lithuania has no consulate or Embassy in Tunisia. What information do you need from the
    municipality may be we can answer you here.
  • well, i just need to ask what is their requirements for marriage, go straight there, and try to make an appointment. Here is some ridiculous document as permission from my country. They did ask me that paper in Ez Zahra's municipality, its ridiculous because it is impossible to find, no embassy,no consul or registry office know anything about it. And its logical , cs how my country can give the paper with tunisian men name in it, if he is not citizen of country,in this case Lithuania. i just think that here is some miss understanding or mistake
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    You are absolutely correct there is njo such document from any country that requires permission to marry.
    Your Tunisian partner has asked the same question here.

    Required Documents TO MARRY IN tUNISIA

    All must be originals or certified copies. All documents must be translated to French or Arabic

    1. Birth Certificate recently issued no more than 21 days old
    2. Passport
    3, Certificate of No impediment stating you are free to marry.

    4. A medical certificate establishing eligibility to contract marriage. This certificate must have a maximum validity of two months at the time of marriage. Each party must be free of any contagious diseases (primarily tuberculosis and syphilis), alcoholism and mental illness. The City Hall will supply a printed form for this certificate upon request. All doctors practicing in Tunisia are authorized to perform these medical examinations.
    5.Divorce Decree(s) - If you have been married before, the decree must be final and valid in the country of the interested party’s nationality.
    6.Prior spouse’s death certificate - bearing the seal of the issuing authorities.

    I suggest your partner goes to the capital Tunis and finds out more from Tunis City Hall Registry Office “Bureau de l’Etat Civil a la Municipalite”

    Here are the details of the Minstry of Foreign Affairs in Tunisia.
  • thank you a lot , hope i can make it
  • I appreciate the answer here, but here is some help for you too, just in case if some Lithuanians would ask here again about some strange paper like i did. The paper we need to apply is only in Lithuania embassy in france, and it calles "certificate de coutume" just need to go site and apply with exactly form, they make it as Important note in page, so its easy to find
  • A certificate de coutoume is the French equivalent to a Certificate of No Impediment in Italy it is known a Nulla Osta. You already had a certificate of non impediment from Lithuania, the local marriage office in Tunisia were just being bureaucratic.
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    Hi Alethia,
    hi i am muslim working in UAE and i am marrying Tunisian women. please advice what are the document require and how much it should be old and have to be there in tunis before 15 days.
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    It is really important to state your nationality in these posts not just " I am a muslim working in the UAE"

    if you go to my post date August 20 on this thread ( 5 posts above) you will see a list of documents required for marriage in Tunisia. As a male muslim you must obtain a certificate from your local mosque confirming that you are indeed a muslim along with the other documents.
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