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What does this stamp mean

edited August 2015 in - France
Hi there,

I have applied for short stay visa for France from India. I got my passport back with a stamp on the last before page on the passport. It had consular de France Mumbai and there was a letter C and number 2 circled with a pen and had a ref number.

There was no letter. Do I consider this stamp as approval or denial. I was trying upload image unfortunately cannot. Please let me know.



  • It appears you have been refused and should have been given a letter. If you had been granted the visa it would be fixed in your passport and look something like this.
  • I haven't received a letter though. What do I do now. Should I reapply or ask for the letter. I haven't received any letter.
  • You definitely should call and ask what it means!
  • Sstaarz I am assuming you do not have a visa in your passport as shown in my last post. Therefore you need to ask for a refusal letter so that when you reapply you will not make the same errors. Use your brains and go to where you applied for the visa and explain the problem.
  • hello
    i have a question regarding my visa refusal same question like someone ask you before
    there is a stump on my passport with letter C
  • @bilal786
    C refers to the type of visa you applied for.

    There are different types of Schengen. A short stay visa (C) allows you to visit the Schengen countries for tourism, family or business visits, up to a maximum of 90 days in a given 180 days period.
  • I dont know why they reject even i gave all original documents ,university letter , return ticket ,hotel booking, insurance and all other supporting documents
  • @bilal786

    You need to understand that there is no guarantee a Schengen visa will be issued.

    Although you submit all the required documentation and proof the consulate/embassy has the authority to deny you the visa since there is no right to a Schengen visa whatsoever.

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