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refusal schengen visa - how to proceed?

Recently I apply Netherland visa for visit 30 days with my family my cousin sponcered but my application was refused some point mentioned on my refusal letter 1 inntesion to leave the territory is not be ascertained and then I appeal to Netherland embassy before 10 days but I can't revived any email or letter from embassy about my case please suggest me how to long time for embassy reply.


  • Kindly answer me
  • And how many time requried to reapply schengen visa ofter refusal and refusal stamp on my passport how to remove it and this stamp effected my fresh visa application .
  • Hi there. It isn't worth appealing - the appeal process for Schengen visas is seldom successful and can take a very long time. You can reapply immediately - just make sure your application is stronger this time by including new documents etc that prove you have strong ties to your home country. Without knowing what you gave first time round it is hard to be more specific...
  • thanks Ella Johnson And tell me how many time requried to reapply schengen visa ofter refusal and refusal stamp on my passport how to remove it and this stamp effected my fresh visa application .
  • As I said above you can apply again immediately. Or at least as soon as you can get an appointment and get your new application together. There's no way to remove the refusal stamp from your passport but having been previously refused does not mean you will never be granted a visa again.
  • Ok thanks once again.
  • i applied for schengen visa last year i got refusal and in the letter it was stated that my ticket and hotel booking was not conformed when i appeal they said i applied for asylum how it is possible i am student in london i gave my university original letter which state that i have holidays and i will finish my studies in september 2016 .on visa refusal there was letter C on that page .last month i applied schengen visa for Belgium after 15 day i received email which states that my visa file sent to ministry of interior for decision i dont know what happened i gave all original documents hotel booking ,university letter ,insurance ,return purchased ticket and all other supporting documents .then why my case send to interior ministry
  • @bilal786
    Belgium is one of the most difficult countries to apply for a Schengen visa.
    As I said in response to your other question C stands for the type of visa that was refused.

    The caseworker obviously thought there was a problem with your application and have sent it to the Ministry of the Interior which is a higher authority.

    You need to understand there is no right to a Schengen visa whatsoever.
  • edited August 2016
    Hi! in my case the embassy ask for additional requirements and then i provided all the requirements ask except for my tin ID which i will get tomorrow but i gave them an alternative copy of receipt that im going to get the id on aug 19 and the officer told that im going to pick up my requirements in the same day provided that im going to submit the copy of ID and my flight is on aug 21. is there a possible that i can get my schengen visa approved? im worried alot and im from Philippines
  • The email which i received the subject was additional documents required but in the email there is nothing mention what documents they need .in email there is only written that my visa case sent to interior ministry
  • @JPMB
    I do not know and I am pretty sure no one else on this forum does
  • @Alethia hi thanks for the response anyway.
  • @Alethia
    Hello, my visa was just refused by the spanish embassy here in qatar, i made an appeal but still unsuccessful, i made an inquiry in French Embassy and they told me that its ok to apply for a Schengen visa even if recently refused by the Spanish embassy, my question now is that if i will be granted a Schengen visa by french embassy, is it ok if i will just enter France as a transit and stay longer in Spain?

    Thank you and i hope i can receive feedback
  • @leyaj
    You can be granted a Schengen visa after you were refused. You must have all the correct supporting evidence in place and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    As for applying to France you are supposed to apply to the country where you will stay the longest time. The French Embassy will refuse you if they think you are simply transiting through France to get to Spain.
  • Hi there! please help me. I Have Just Applied Schengen Visa at Germany Embassy on Last Friday. Unfortunately, Today (sunday) the Agoda Send Me a Cancellation of My Bookings Due to Invalid Card, Although My Card Still Have a Lot of Money and I Did Not Buy/do Any Doubtable transactions. Now I am really stressful, can you give me an advice please? As if the Embassy checks hotel bookings, I am afraid that they would reject my application :(
  • @Cassie
    You need to contact your bank to find out why they rejected this payment and make sure you do not have this problem again.
    Who is Agoda? Bookings do not have to be paid for just reserved so if you sort out the bank problem you can then reserve your bookings again. It is not likely that the caseworker will phone the hotel if you have an itinerary from a travel agent.
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