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Joint passport and visa still in my old one

I came to the UK with my mum in1999. I was only 9 years old which meant i had a joint passport with my mum and both our visa in it as well. As they cant transfer the visa into my new own passport now and have to apply for biometric residence card which cost over £300 as i have indefinate leave to remain, what i want to know is can i travel on my own and carry my old joint passport as proof of residence? Will immagration allow this? Does anyone know of a cheaper option?


  • Why can't you simply apply for a Passport?

  • Sorry i should be more clearer. I have an indonesian passport not british passport. I do have my own passport now but my visa is still in my old joint passport. For me to get a british passport i will have to pay like £950 plus for naturalization
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