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Entrance to Schengen area

I got a schengen visa from French embassy so it will should be the entrance to schengen area from France so
1. if i will stay in France for 3 days , Amsterdam 3 days and Spain 5 days is that wrong?
2. is Switzerland from the schengen countries or no ?
3. my visa vaild for 30 days during three months can use it to enter France and then go back my home and then go to Spain without entering from France ( my visa is multi entrance)
Many thanks


  • Switzerland is a Schengen country. The whole idea of a Schengen visa is to allow travel between all Schengen countries with one visa so your travel plans are not wrong.
    If your visa is a single entry then you can not go home and come back that would be a multiple entry visa
  • Can i enter france with a spanish visa? I got the schengen visa issues by spain but have tickets of france?
  • As Alethia said in the above post, once a Schengen visa is granted it allows entry to all Schengen countries, regardless of which country issued it. So yes, you can visit France with a Schengen visa issued by Spain.
  • Thank u Ella! Is it a must for me to visit spain too? Or can i just visit france and cone back?
  • Technically one is supposed to apply for a Schengen visa through either the country one is entering first or spending the most time in, but I have never heard of this being enforced and it is pretty common for travellers to change their plans. You should be fine.
  • Due to the refugee crisis the Schengen zone is wide open, I doubt if any official would have the time or energy to notice where you are travelling Amena.
  • Thank u Alethia! My concern is the port of an indian travelling from KSA for vacation....when we enquired the french embassy here....they seemed very reluctant and was insisting that we go to spain first :neutral:
  • One more query...just incase they dont let us enter france ...can we take a flight to spain from the same airport? I really appreciate ur help!! And would also wAnt to know if u work as a consultant for such queries
  • If they refuse you entry to France they will cancel your visa so yo wont be going anywhere but home.
    I do work as a lawyer/consultant.
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