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Airbnb in India?

edited August 2015 in India and Asia
I'm planning a tour next year to India for few weeks. I was thinking backpacking to save money but recently saw this airbnb website where you can find accomodation at private houses. Its good to have proper shower even if backpacking so I might use them :) Anybody has experience with?


  • Accommodation is so plentiful and so inexpensive throughout India that I would never consider staying in a private home unless it was out of curiosity. Have fun.

  • Hi Lajos,
    I don't have any experience of airbnb in India specifically, but I can tell you that it is a wonderful resource for the budget traveller. Often you can find very reasonably priced options and stay in much more comfort than you would in a backpacker's hostel. It totally depends on the options for any given area but it is always a good idea to check airbnb before booking elsewhere. We found some absolute gems in South America that saved us lots of money and allowed us to stay in comfort instead of in hostels or cheap hotels. Just read the reviews etc very carefully and be picky.
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    I have to double check but it seems to be a good solution. I glad to hear you Ella Johnson was happy with airbnb.
  • I have used Airbnb several times and like Ella I have had some really good experiences. As a family of five we rented for example a luxury apartment,3 large bedrooms 3 bathrooms WiFi, swimming pool in a great location in Northern Cyprus for $350 a week.
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