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How Long Does A Spain Visa Take to Be Issued?

edited September 2015 in - Spain and Portugal
hi could. you help me I applied for a visa for the 2nd time after my 1st visa got refused . It was despatched to spainish consulte on 19th August 2015. I ammended all my application and I fly out 4th September which is 3 days away. I still have not heard from then why is this they are aware that I was flying out 4th and it's getting close to 4th sept. N I am.worried .... what can I do... will.they email me before 3rd or 4th .... This is ridiculous
... plz help.... raza


  • I'm afraid it's difficult for anybody here to answer your question. Different embassies have different waiting periods for visas. They usually advise you on how much time it will take when you make your application. It can be anything from days to weeks depending on the country and the particular embassy. The onus is on you to apply in good time before your trip - you didn't allow much time between application and your flight. All you can do now is try to phone them to check on your application and to ask them how long these things usually take.
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