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Suggestions for my Brazil itinerary

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I am thinking of going to Brazil for new years with my husband, anyone any suggestions where, and what the weather is like there in early January.


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    You have the North East of Brazil, Fortaleza, Natal, Recife - but December/January will be busy. This is technically the start of the Brazilian Summer (You are below the equator) and many Brazilians will be on holiday. The weather here is hot, dry and sunny every day during Dec and Jan so pack your summer outfits.

    Rio de Janeiro and S
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    very nice it will be summer! I just came from Rio
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    Never forget "the Black pearl of Brazil, Bahia " on your trip to this wonderfull land !

    Bahia is situated in the north east and has a 90% 'colored' population, hence the name "black pearl"

    I am living here in Salvador (capital of Bahia) for quite some time now, it is a very special colourfull culture and one should really discover it from inside.
    And I am always willing to share some vital information
    Maybe you want a pickup at Salvador airport to go to your pousada ?
    You can always contact me over my site

    Greetingz from the tropIX
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    Update for Bahia visitors online at :

    We can provide air-port shuttle service in your language without the usual hastle with local taxi-drivers ;-)
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    I'd recommend Salvador de Bahia for anyone spending New Years in Brazil. There's a huge festival there that's a lot of fun!
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    Hi, do you know a good local tour operator in Rio? Thanks
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    I have a short trip to Brazil ,but don't to Bahia, Brazil is realy very very beautifol country. I'm a Chinese man. Ready to go to Brazil investment cultured pearls, I is a China's pearl technical experts, expected to be around the world of the support of friends hobby pearl, cooperation, go to Brazil-the beautiful, warm countries! My E-mail :[email protected]
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    I think December/January is the good time to travel Brazil. This is the summer time. The summer vacations are there and so many festivals also there in this time. So plan to travel Brazil in this summer.
  • If you are in Bahia do not forget to have a look at the Chadapa Diamantina National Park, also known as the Brazilian Grand Canyon, great for tropical hikings and trekkings
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