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From Jammu Station to Srinagar - need advice

edited September 2015 in India and Asia
I plan to visit Srinagar (Kashmir University) during the month of October by train (from Kolkata). I have some questions:

a) What would be the best course of action for me after landing at Jammu station? Where do I spend the night (for cheap)?

b) Can I get shared car from Jammu to Srinagar for 600 INR? Do I need to book the shared car a day in advance?

c) How long does the journey to Srinagar from Jammu station take?

d) I am Indian so do I need to take my Indian passport there?

e) What are average hotel rates near Jammu station and also in Srinagar (a budget hotel of 500-600 INR per day would be nice, I don't need anything else except a bed to sleep on and a toilet which can be shared as well)?

f) I plan to stay there for a month (beginning of October to middle of November) . Is it too cold there in October-November? I have a Vodafone Indian prepaid sim, do I need to get a new sim from there?

g) Also, do you know of any good and cheap hotels in and around Kashmir University?


  • Arundouyr, a car to Srinagar would be the second longest and most expensive trip. There is no direct train to Srinagar from Kolkatta, you will need to go to New Delhi first. Then you can take a bus to Srinagar, or find a cheap flight, maybe on spicejet. For accommodation I would check out air bnb, There are some cheap places for staying for a month– you can also check out for a few nights by the Jammu station, with hotels from as little as 400rs. A shared taxi may be a little more than 600 rs, maybe 700 or more sometimes and it will be about 8 hours drive. Your normal simcard will be fine there and there is no need to take your passport if you are Indian.
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