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Refugees in Turkey

As many of you are aware there is a crisis world wide as these desperate people flee the situation in their home country. Many are arriving in the Bodrum area of South West Turkey before taking a treacherous sea crossing to Kos Island in small boats.
A group in Bodrum has formed to provide help to these people. The Facebook page is

Unfortunately another very well known travel forum is removing any posts on this as they are deeming them non travel related I guess but as the refugees are gathering in popular resort areas and holiday makers are asking how to help this is very much travel related.

Several local businesses are helping by being 'drop off' points for items of clothing etc and some are providing trays of food. Migros has agreed to assist with its online shopping by holding the foodstuffs etc until they can be distributed. There is a list of foods needed plus clothing and sanitary products. Small toys are being requested for the children.

The group cannot accept money directly due to legal stuff but contact can be made with those working there to for example earring to book a hotel room for a day so some can shower etc or with restaurants to pay for meals.

If you're a tourist on holiday in Yalikavak and don't want to take home your towels, shoes, sandals, old clothes, toiletries you can take them to Zorro Bar and we will take them to Ortakent where items are being sorted and given out to the refugees in and around Bodrum.

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you are heading there Thomas Cook will allow you 5kg extra baggage allowance on your outward journey for charity goods. Call 01733 224 808 and stay on the line until the last option. The pack has to be separate to your baggage and labelled Charity Care Package.

Transavia Holland are also offering help for travellers from Holland. The following message has been posted 'If you send your bookings number in a private message to Transavia on Facebook, they will take care over the extra 20 kilos for the refugees, please tell everyone you know!''

Thank you in advance.


  • Thank you Clare for informing us what the Bodrum group , local businesses and travel companies are doing for the refugees. This is a humanitarian crisis on a scale not seen since world war 2. I hope the mods on this site are made of better stuff and will not remove your post.

    Its only a drop in the ocean but God bless you all for your kindness to your fellow man.
  • Alethia it's heartbreaking. I am sure the mods here are of much better fibre. It seems to be just one forumite reporting all the posts on the other forum and they are automatically removed.
    Currently there are 2 million refugees in Turkey and I would guess the majority are heading to places to cross to Europe. Here in Antalya there are several families settling in empty apartments without electricity etc until they secure work to pay for the deposits etc. They are being helped but the situation in Bodrum is getting critical as families try to sleep in parks etc. At the moment there is a baby only a few days old - a local medical centre has helped.
    Where is Bob Geldoff (or similar) to get things moving on this?
    Sorry I am rambling again.......
  • edited September 2015
    It was disgusting how the Hungarians treated the refugees, but many thousands have made it to Austria and Germany who are treating them well. Greece is bankrupt and cant help its own citizens and now they are overwhelmed by refugees, as is Italy. Turkey has taken more refugees than any other country.

    The Saudi Arabians and UAE states are so wealthy and have done nothing to help or support Syrian refugees. Russia has not helped one refugee but are sending more weapons to the Assad regime.

    Many ordinary people are trying to help, on the island of Lesbos the expats are helping the refugees , just like Bodrum, but its a drop in the ocean.

    What about those Syrians left in Syria , caught between Assad and ISIS. Any one would do what was neccesary to save their lives and the lives of their family
  • The group now has a website
    I agree totally with you about the 'oil rich' states.....
    Word has just been received that these people are not allowed on the boats with any baggage at all - it's being thrown into the sea as they board by the money making organisers....... so now there are plans to try and get some stuff over to Kos so they have supplies once they land there.
    Greece as a whole is not in a good position to help as you point out.
    Let's hope that there s some sort of miracle........
    Some good news though - some families settled here in Antalya a year or so ago and they are doing fine.
  • Unfortunately Migros is no longer able to help the way they were. As far as I can gather a local manager took the decision before checking with head office. Think he got into a bit of trouble - bless him/her though.
    The good news is a local catering company has agreed to provide a good hot meal for 8 lira a person. They are setting up to be able to take donations both from Turkey and the UK. The details are on the website.
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