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Climate in Sweden and Best Time to Visit Sweden

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I would like some advice on the best time to visit Sweden. I'll be staying mainly in Stockholm but do want to do some boat trips in the archipelago and take some excursions into the countryside. I want to visit when the weather is fairly pleasant - so not winter - but I also don't like crowds. I generally travel in spring or autumn for this reason. Can somebody advise me on the best month to visit Stockholm? I get conflicting reports when I check online, or just advice to visit in peak summer...


  • Hi SallyG,
    I have never been to Sweden but the general consensus is that the mild summer months of June, July and August are the best time to visit. July is the peak tourist season so perhaps avoid that month if you don't want crowds. Luckily, however, from what I've heard Stockholm doesn't get unbearably crowded - at least not by the standards of European capitals. Late spring and early autumn are apparently also pleasant though, so it seems you can take your pick. Check out this free Sweden Travel Guide for some more information.
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    Hi, I would like to travel to Sweden this summer. And I need more information about this country. We are going to Stockholm and we want to go on Ferry from Lithuania to Sweden. It is possible?
    Summer -- When it comes to weather, the ideal time to visit Sweden is from June to August. At this time, all its cafes and most attractions, including open-air museums, are open, and thousands flock to the north of Sweden to enjoy the midnight sun. (However, except for special festivals and folkloric presentations, the major cultural venues in Sweden, including opera, dance, ballet, and theater, shut down in summer.) Summer also is the most expensive time to fly to Sweden, as this is peak season.

    Spring & Fall -- The months of spring and autumn, notably May through June and the month of September, are almost prettier than the Swedish summers. When spring comes to the Swedish countryside, wildflowers burst into bloom after a long dark winter.

    Winter -- Scandinavia's off season is winter (about Nov 1-Mar 21). Many visitors, except those on business, prefer to avoid Sweden in winter. The cold weather sets in by October, and you'll need to keep bundled up heavily until long past April.

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