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Best places in Turkey to visit travelling with a toddler?

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We're planning a trip to Turkey next year.

Should it be during Easter break or the summers? Having established that, we'd love to hear the itineraries people here have to recommend. We'd definitely like to cover Istanbul. The other 2 picks?

It'd be nice to keep it interesting for the 4 year old, and to not face a food crisis.



  • Hi affeur,
    I'm jealous! I would recommend Cappadocia as a good Turkey destination. The hot air ballooning over that weird, ancient landscape is magical and I'm sure your toddler will enjoy exploring the caves. Possibly a coastal destination as the third option because Turkey has a ravishing coastline. As for weather, July and August are the busiest period, but I would say the best times to visit are between April and early June, or September and October when the crowds are less hectic and the heat less intense. Maybe this free Turkey Travel Guide will give you some inspiration or some useful practical tips.
  • Hi Ella,

    Thanks a ton for responding. Do you have any specific beach resorts in mind. A pristine, white sandy beach would be perfect.

    I've heard the hot air ballooning in cappadocia starts before sunrise. Would be a task getting the little one out of bed!

  • Hi Affeur,
    I see your problem with the early rising - though most toddlers I know have the opposite problem! I'm afraid I can't recommend any particular resorts or resort areas as I haven't been to the coast. Hopefully somebody else will be along to help you with some advice. Enjoy your trip!
  • Thank you!
  • Cappadocia is not really suitable for a family with a toddler in my opinion, neither is Istanbul.

    The best place with sandy beaches would be Olu Deniz image

    Olu Deniz is on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and the whole lagoon is a nature reserve. Nearby you have the resorts of Hisaronou and Ovacik and 12 kilometres away is the harbour town of Fethiye.

    You can take a day cruise down the peaceful Dalyan Delta where the famous “African Queen” was filmed, passing the ancient rock tombs of Caunos.

    You can have lunch in the village of Dalyan then swim in fresh or salt water at the spectacular sandy beach, one of the last nesting places of the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles with their large heads and reddish brown shells that come to Iztuzu Beach to nest from May to September.

    You can book horse riding and camel riding as well as day trips to Pamukkale and Eppheseus.

    Something for all the family can be found in this area.
  • Hey, thanks. That's a nice orbit to focus on. Would still like to keep Istanbul for ourselves. Why do you say though that it isn't child-friendly? Is it unsafe or are you referring to there being no activities for the tiny tots?
  • Istanbul is one of my favoirite cities its fabulous but it is very big and very busy with a population of 14 million.
    Its a city full of culture and historical sites and I think it would be very boring , tiring and overwhelming for a four year old child. Turks love children and you would be made welcome wherever you went.
  • It is either the UK or Turkey, for us this time around. Hoping it all works out. Thank you both for taking the time out.
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    Hi Affeur,
    Do you still keep Istanbul & Turkey in mind to travel as it is already 2016? I am professional tour guide working all over Turkey, and my homeland is İstanbul. If you interested in seeing a country with a professional, here I am. Please write me to get all details, I will be happy to help you, and Istanbul off course suitable to visit with a toddler.
    Hope to see you in Istanbul
  • All tour guides in Turkey must be fully licensed as a Professional Tourist Guide by the Turkish Ministery of Culture and Tourism. Unless you have such a qualification you cannot advertise as a tour guide in Turkey.
    In Istanbul you would usually be a member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Istanbul.

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    Go to Marmaris or Icmeler. Just got back from Icmeler last week it was absolutely fantastic. They're the most lively places in Turkey. The locals are friendly and the beaches are nice. If you ask me which ones better, i'd say Icmeler. Marmaris is a bit too lively and overcrowded and the locals aren't as friendly as the ones in Icmeler.
  • So since I am fully licensed, I have no problem:)
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