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Scam- engineer working on a new bridge in South Africa- 2015 Romance Scam

edited September 2015 in Scams
As recently as this August 8th, 2015, I was approached on Facebook. Seems [email protected] is his email address, is alive and striking out to romance and scam some lonely woman out of money. So if anyone is approached innocently from Facebook; Don't respond, and if you do respond be forewarned this person is out to scam you. The prospect of love was very intoxicating, the pictures sent were of an attractive man; however there were bells and whistles and red flags and so I never got taken for money, just the illusion of a romance. Women be warned. If someone approaches you on Facebook, it's at the risk of being emotionally hurt. Protect yourselves, if it sounds too good to be true, it's because it's all imaginary. My first clue was the email address; rarely is a person so narcissistic that they lead with their profession as an email address. So I am probably messing up their email calling card address. I don't care. The name may well change, but the intention is not sincere.
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