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Refusal of Schengen Visa from Spain - How to Proceed?

edited September 2015 in - Spain and Portugal
Recently I applied visit visa for spain they denied visa and give me letter saying reason is
The information presented for the justification of the purpose and the conditions of the planned is not reliable
I have Pakistani passport, i live in Ukraine kiev. I applied in kiev schengen visa center. Please guide me on what to do next?


  • The Spanish authorities obviously do not believe that the documents you submitted support the reason for your visit. Why do you want to go to Spain?
  • I want go to tourist because i want to see barclona city I summit hotel booking and my company documents tax paper and banck statement tell me when i again apply which types documents summit?
  • You can apply immediately there is no waiting time after a refusal.
  • Ok i apply tell me which types I summit documents
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