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Working in South Korea

i had been worked in south korea from march 2007 upto april 2013.and after my 6 years working visa,i need to go back home in the philippines.but my employer want me to stay in his company eventhough my working visa was expired.i accept their (employer) i did not go back to my country.i had been stayed in the company and continue working.but that time i was an illegal allien.after 7 months,the korean immigration officers came in our company.and i was caught by one of the immigration i was deported in the philippines.

i really really want to work again in south is for the sake of my family...and now,my question is...can i apply again for a working visa?

please help me...


  • Aanastacio you have burned your boats my friend. You should have insisted that your employer extended your visa but you did not. You would have been banned from South Korea and you will not be able to return until that ban is lifted, you can apply for a work visa, maybe your old boss could help you but be prepared to be refused.
  • aanastacio, check out this lengthy thread on deportation and banning issues in South Korea: Unfortunately it is impossible for us to give you a concrete answer about how long you are banned for. If you were caught by immigration and deported you will definitely have been banned, but it could be for anything between two and 10 years and it seems to be quite hard to predict. You will need to contact Korean Immigration to find out directly from them as only they can know for sure when you can reapply to enter the country.
  • Ella Johnson & Alethia thank you for your comments.
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