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Bad Tour Operator in Marrakech, Morocco

edited September 2015 in - North Africa
I used Itinerance Plus for 2D1N trip in April 2015. The excursion itself was different than promised (regarding e.g. schedules, pictures shown before the trip, camel trekking) and very unprofessional (guides couldn't tell anything about the history of the places, during the traditional music performance they were smoking and using their smartphones). They sold the trip as "with full insurance that covers everything", but when my camera broke due to the employees' bad handling of the camels, suddenly there was no insurance. We were treated disrespectfully at their office, and after they promised to pay half of the price of the camera, no answer ever arrived again. As I contacted the boss of the company, he denied all responsibility and stopped answering without respectfully discussing the matter or explaining his opinion, even when I suggested a 50-50 solution for both of us.

Basically we were lied to more than once. Very disappointed of this trip and company in general. Untrustworthy, unprofessional and will not take responsibility, definitely cannot recommend.
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